Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lunch @ Strada

Salam and good day everyone!

Starting from today, I'm going to share with you the delicacies that I had the opportunity of enjoying while I'm here in the UK.

The other day, I shared with you about Giraffe Restaurant at Brunswick Shopping Centre. So today, the restaurant is located at the same place (just beside Giraffe).

It's called Strada. It's an Italian restaurant with many vegetarian choices cuisines to choose from (especially if you're a Muslim). They also wrote on the menu if the food is prepared with alcohol.

The place was packed when I went there. So, usually it won't' look like this. Service was nice and quick. But the food was slow. We waited for almost 15 to 20 minutes. I counted because I had to be run back to the lab for my samples.

I ordered Penne Pomodoro, which looks like this:

My friends ordered the pizza (which you can see in the picture). The portion is quite large, so if you're starving, choose the pizza.

The taste was nice, the tomato did not overwhelm the taste of the avocado, cheese and olive oil of the pasta.

Speaking of Italian, in my department there are a few Italians. So one day, suddenly, they asked if I wanted coffee, because they were making some. So I said yes. I wanted to try their authentic Italian coffee. They even had a coffee maker in the office.

They serve it in a such a cute cup...=3

It was craaaazy strong. So if you're planning not to sleep the whole night, have a cup. =P

So that's it for today...

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