Sunday, 13 April 2014

Crepe Party

Salam and good day y'all!

Last Saturday, a friend of mine,Kankou from UCL invited me for a crepe party at her house. She's actually was born in Guinea but have been living in France all her life. Crepe is a french cuisine, so logically that's why she invited us and a few of her classmates to make the crepes ourselves...heehuu~

It's fairly easy actually. She already prepared the batter beforehand because she said it needs to be set for 30 minutes to make it raise. Then all we do is just put it on a pan and cook it. See the demo that she did...

And after's our turn to try...weeee....=D

First put a little bit of oil or butter to prevent it from sticking to the pan. Then put the batter in (just a little bit so it's not too thick, or else it'll become pancake instead). Then roll the pan around like in the video to make them spread around the pan.

Then...for the flip....ahaaa...


These are some of the crepes that we made...we put on caramel, some put chocolates, there's peanut butter and some fruits like apples, bananas and strawberries....weeeee!!!

The caramel was heavenly but she brought them from France. So how can I get my hands on them again???!! 

These are mine and Zahirrah's successful crepes...nice right? *mine is on the left*

Some of them brought their local food from all over the world. There's a Malaysian guy brought Green Chicken (Ayam masak cili hijau). It was awesome!!!

Everyone couldn't wait to get their face stuffed with this...yum..yum..yum...

This dish was made especially for the organizer..Kankou...haha...

Other dishes from other parts of the countries...this is a local dish from Bangladesh. It's just a simple dish consisting of cabbage, some chilies and onions and pepper.

This dish is from Taiwan. A red bean noodle. Fairly simple to make too...but i don't know how..heh~

Kankou also made this vege cake. It has no eggs and butter in it. She put some berries in the middle and coconut shavings on top. 

Her house is situated at Canada Water, quite near from the train station. You can come here either by Jubilee line underground train or overground train. 

This is where her house is.

After the party, we went for a little walk. The surrounding area was such a beautiful place. If I lived here, I would stroll around every single day.

There's a canal all the way to her house from the train station.

Imagine just sitting down in a beautiful afternoon, reading or just spending time with friends. Having a stroll along the canal, it's heavenly.

There are duckies too...And the water is blue!!

The duckies built their nests here too...

We found a playground on the way and just couldn't resist to go and play! hahaha...

Land ahoy!

The end of the canal is this lake...

You can see the shards from here...see the building at the very left 

 There's a sleeping swan at the lake...awww....

It's feathers are sooooo white!

This duck is sitting with it's cute! you can see the eggs. =D 

And there's SAKURA... 

para-para sakura....lalalala~

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