Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Piano Guys Concert

Salam and good day readers! Do you know who are The Piano Guys? They are this Youtube sensation consist of a guy playing the piano and a guy playing a cello. I went to their concert last Wednesday at Shepherds Bush Empire. I am such a huge fan of theirs. 

I love this pic. It looks so London. haha...

The tix for the night's show has been sold out for weeks! 

Our seats were at the Level 3..the very top!

See how far up we are...woohooo....

A girl that sat next to us was nice enough to took our picture. =D

And the show begins...

This is the part where they played One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful with 4 pianoguys using one piano.

We were able to go to level 2 to take closer pictures from the stage. The staff here are super nice too..

After the show, we saw some people waiting outside and my friend asked maybe the band will come out that way and that maybe we should wait for them as well. So we waited...and waited...for more than an hour. more and more people leave...until there's only 8 people left...

We were one of the last one standing...and....

We got to meet the band!!! It was soooooo worth it!!!

These guys are super nice. They talked to us and entertained us when we asked for autographs and pictures even when they are in a hurry to go. 

I will surely stay as their fans...and hope I can come and see them again soon. (^_^)

Some of the videos during the concert for you to enjoy...

Adelle, Rolling in the deep

Bourne Vivaldi. Vivaldi + Bourne Ultimatum theme song

Coldplay, Viva la vida

Kung Fu Piano

Don't worry, Be happy + Phantom of the opera

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