Monday, 23 June 2014

Holland Park

Salam and good day everyone!

I've held off this post for quite a long time already. It was end of spring, when a friend of mind was told by her supervisor to go to this park where you can find a type of wild flower that only blooms during spring. This flower can be found a lot in Korea, but not that many in UK. In London, you can only find it at Holland Park (according to her).

To go here, you get off from Holland Park station, central line. It's just a few minutes walk from the station. 

We entered from the south gate?? maybe...I'm not so sure. =P

In Japan, they usually put up these fish flags during spring time.

This is the Japanese garden. Very cliche'd with the Koi pond, the man-made waterfall and some Japanese flowers that I don't know the name.

The purpose that we came here is to see tulips. They have massive tulips here, hence the name Holland Park.

Variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

There weren't a lot of people here that day even though it was on Sunday. While we were walking, we heard a sound of peacocks...but we didn't see where they were. So we just followed the sound...and it led us to this...

At first we only meet one of these proud animal. It was calling for it's friend.

Then it jumped out from the fence that he was in to find his friend. We saw his friend on a roof of a building, so he jumped up to be nearer his friend.

After being entertained by the peacocks...I played some chess with this uncle. He was good. I lost. =P 

This large chess was put here only for serious players and not toys for children. They even have a sign put there. But when I was playing, there'll be some small children played with the pieces...and the parents just stood there doing nothing. Sometimes they just call up their children shouting, '',..from afar. Like that's gonna help.. Can't they read! It was distracting, but I wasn't that great to begin with. heh~

This flower was the reason my friend wanted to come here because her supervisor said this flower bloomed a lot in Korea, but can only be found here in London once a year. Her supervisor is from South Korea, obviously. =P

That's all for now. 

Until next time...

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