Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Delicious Popia

Salam and good day y'all!

Last weekend when I went on a hiking trip with some friends, I had to prepare some food for lunch and I thought, finger food would suits best and can be shared by everyone. So one thing that popped into my head is 'popia'. It's like a long samosa.

 The ingredients are:
The 'popia' skin (can be bought at most grocery shops)

for the filling:
Small green chilli (I love 'em spice!)
cream cheese (or soft cheese if you can't find cream cheese)
Onions (optional)
Smoked turkey slices (usually I used crab sticks, but I couldn't find them for these batch)

It's a very simple process to prepare.

Just chop the sliced smoked turkey into small peices (not to small because you want to have some texture when you chew). Mix them together with the onions, chopped green chilli and cream cheese. 

Lay out the popia skin, and just put in as much as the filling as you want. Then, roll them over. Put on a dash of water to act as a glue for the skin. 

Then....just fry them. It's that simple!

It doesn't take long to fry, keep an eye on them....or else it'll look like this. =P

when it should look like this...

Give it a try! 

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