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Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath

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This post was supposed to be published a while ago, but I haven't got around to do it.

Remember the Cambridge trip that I went to? Well, this was the next day. We went on a tour with studentstour because it's cheaper...of course.

The coach waited for all of us just outside of King's Cross Station. So we took the tube. When I booked the tickets, they gave directions for the place that the coach will wait at. 

The costs for the whole tour is £47 each. 

The first place that we went to is the Windsor Castle located just outside of London. The tour did not include the entrance tickets, so we didn't get a chance to go in. But we did manage to take some spectacular photos though. 

They displayed a lot of classic cars throughout the pathway heading to the castle, which is awesome!

Spider Porsche..Just like the one James Bond rode in. ;-)

Oldies volkswagen mini van...Hipster enthusiast.

The entrance to the castle

This house is called the crooked house. It is crooked. See....

This pillars was built by one of the dukes (I don't remember which one)

See the top, it's not reaching the ceiling.

I don't know who is this. =P

Ancient well. From the ancient times? haha...

Opposite the gate, where the royal families come to ride their horses.

The entrance that's not open to public

This is the entrance used by the royal family. Windsor Castle is one of the castle still being used by Her majesty the Queen. It is known as her second home.

This pub is called as Ye Olde King's Head because this used to be the place where they execute King Charles the first. On too of this pub you can see the warrant of execute to His late majesty.

Now, this pub also has a story behind it. About a woman named Nell Gwynn. But it's sort of suitable for adults only. hehe...

This is the public entrance. You may see the policeman with big guns in front.

Because we didn't purchase any tickets, we just walk around the castle instead.

There's a story behind this statue too, but I was busy taking pictures instead. =P

This river is actually Thames river (the one that you find in London). They are one of the same. Thames river is one of the longest river.

Swans came to feed and play

After that, off to Bath...

Bath is actually a city. It is famous for the Roman bath which is located at the city centre.

This is a cathedral

The entrance to the Roman Bath

The tickets are included in the students' tour. They have vocal guides that you can listen to throughout the tour.

I don't really enjoy looking at rocks. If I were to spend time here, it'll take too long to listen to all the stories. 

This is a demonstration of the pulley

The warm room

The hot room

These two lovely ladies were selling a perfume. 

The provide this sink for you to have a taste of the spa water. It tasted yuckie!

And I met these two Roman guards. 

After that we walked back to the coach and passed these beautiful sights. The bridge is just like what London bridge looked like a long time ago before it fell down.

The last destination was of the 7 wonders of the world!

They provided shuttle buses from the tourist station because it's so far away. 20 minutes walk.

This is how the arrangement of the rocks look like.

That's all for this trip. 

Until next time...

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