Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Shushi Time

Salam and good day readers!

I'm going to compile two of my experiences eating shushi here in London. The first shushi place that I went to was during easter.

A friend of mine got a voucher for £40 worth of shushi, so she invited me and two other friends to join. The place is called Yazu Shushi.

It's located near Green Park. So if you exit Green Park tube station, head to Mayfair.

The restaurant is located at an alley, so it's easy to miss

At first I just ate something like this because we thought they put sake (a japanese alcoholic drink) in the rice. But then the owner said they don't put sake, so we were able to eat the shushi...yeay! I mean...what is the point of going to a shushi place if you can't eat most of the shushi? Oh...btw, this is a seaweed with some other type of sea grass. It was surprisingly very nice.

My friend ordered hand-rolled shushi. 

Prawn tempura shushi. Soooo nice!

That's the owner back there. There's just two of them, him and his wife. It's a small shop anyway.

You know in shushi shops, they count your plates and the colour of the plates represents the price. I think the black is the most expensive, but that's the most that I ate.'s free!

So when we added up all the plates that the 4 of us ate, we just have to pay £10 each. Good deal right? But only if you have a voucher like my friend. If not, it'll cost almost £30/person.

The next shushi place is located very near to my house, like 0.6 miles away.

For this one, I didn't go to the restaurant. I ordered takeaway  via online because it's more convenient.

I ordered the chicken dumplings. This is the best one that I've tasted so far. Seriously, the best!

These costs about £8. They put in salmon, crabs and some other stuff in it. Simply delicious.

The shashimi was pretty amazing too. The salmon was very tender and taste very fresh. They provided like a mustard (so tasty) and pickled ginger (I hate it). 

The total costs for everything was £19.80 and it only took about 10 minutes to deliver. Maybe because the store was very close. =P

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