Sunday, 28 September 2014

Anima D' Italia

Salam and good day y'all!

One of the downside living abroad is that you can hardly find a good halal restaurant. Most that you'll find are fast food.

So, when a friend of mine talked about this place in her fb, I immediately go and have a try myself. I have always loved Italian food, so this place was like match made in heaven for me.

Anima d'Italia is located between Whitechapel and Stepney Green tube stations. It is directly opposite of Sports Direct whitechapel.

The restaurant is very cozy and has a nice decor.

The food is reasonably priced and of course affordable for students like me. They have various choices in the menu from appetizers, main and desserts.


I ordered the mozarella sticks. It's a good appetizer to order before a heavy meal. It doesn't fill you up as much but it does fill a grumbly stomach.

I've also tried the funghi fritti con salsa de uova which is fried mushroom that they rolled up in balls and their rissotto which is very nice too. The rissotto is quite creamy, so only order them if you're very hungry or able to put on a lot of food.


There are various choices of pasta for the main. If you like cream sauces, you can order the carbonara which is excellent! I can hardly find a good carbonara nowadays. A lot of restaurants made them runny as if the pasta was immersed in mushroom soup. But the carbonara here is certainly value for your money.

I've also tried the Rigatoni chef. But It's not really to my liking because the Rigatoni pasta is just too big and the sauce is too filling.

You should also try the Linguini mediterranean which is to die for. The taste is just excellent and the dish includes king prawns, zucchini, rocket salad and lightly added with marinated tomato.

There is also Pollo funghi which is chopped grilled chicken added with mushroom cream sauce. The taste is delightful and not too filling. The price is very cheap as well.

I would also recommend the Gamberoni Picante which is King Prawn cooked in chilli and tomatoes. However, this dish is quite small in portion because you'll just be eating the tiger prawns with a small portion of sides. But the taste is wonderful. If you like something a little spicy, this will be your choice.

If you like grilled meat, there are choices of grilled sirloin steak, lamb and chicken with potato and salad sides.


There are also various types of desserts to choose from. The most that I would recommend is the tiramisu. To be honest, I don't like it as much because I have tasted better. But my friends all loved it and the presentation is very unique too.

You can't say you've tried italian food until you tried panna cotta. It's vanilla cream, infused in italian custard and it's served with berries and preserved sugar. It is marvellous!!


There is no alcohol served in the premises and no alcohol allowed. There are many ranges of drinks to choose from mix fruit smoothies and juices. All of them are highly recommended.

This restaurant is one of the places that I'll bring my out of town friends among others. The food is definitely value for money.


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