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Malaysia Night 2.0 (2014)

Salam and good day people!

Spiderwebs in my blog yet again...huhu...sorry about that. I've been busy with my dissertations and vivas...etc...etc..

Now that I'm free!!! Let the stories begin!

The most recent event, that actually just occurred..I 3 hours ago...was


This was the first event that I went as I came to London. My aunt (the one that owned a restaurant in Chinatown) was the one that told me about it.

This year, the event was held a bit early, on 26th of Sept, unlike last year was in October.

The best part is, this year I get to go with my bestie!! hehu~

Because I've been here last year, and I got a taste of most of the Malaysian restaurants in London, my cravings for the food was not as overwhelming. We mostly just browsed around to see what's out there. My aunt was involved in this year's event as well.

Matrade and Tourism Malaysia booth. You can take a picture with KLCC in the background.

Roti King presents freshly made roti canai!! more food!! Food stalls everywhere. Well...we are famous for our delicacies.

This year, the stall that I'm mostly interested at is the food market. hahaha...When I first came here, I didn't even look twice at these food products. Now that it has been a year already, these products are most essential! I just looked though, because I'm coming home soon anyway. It'll be a waste if I bought it.

This year, instead of giving out canvas bags of the event, they give out these cute little 'bunga raya' clips. It was very unique and really does show people here our national flower.

We then went to my aunt's stall to buy some dinner. We weren't really that hungry, but surely we will soon enough. So before the crowd gets bigger, it was better to just buy something.

Nasi + Ayam masak merah...nyum3.. We sat at the fountain while enjoying a the performances at the stage. 

Remember last time I said that I had to pray just about anywhere because they didn't provide a proper prayer area for the muslims. This year was the same, which is sad. But, we're more proactive this year because we are more experienced. huhu...

My bestie asked the people at the Tourism Malaysia booth and asked where we could pray. At first the lady just said to pray at the booth because that's what they did. She then asked her colleague just to be sure, and she said we can go to the Tourism Malaysia office which is very near to the Trafalgar Square (where the event took place).

Last year we thought of doing that as well, but obviously it was already after 6, so we figured the office must be closed. Such noobs...=P

This was taken after prayer..of course. =P

So, we went to the office and push on the intercom. A guy came and let us in through the side door. The prayer room was located downstairs. There's just one room though. I'm not sure whether it is shared or not.

A typical Malaysian loo needs at least this water jug. huhu...It was also very convenient that they have this area specifically for ablution. Nice!

Those two white lines were supposed to be arrows. I'm too sleepy to correct them. Just pretend you can see.

 Alhamdulillah, after we performed our prayer, we went back to the event. Usually at night the performances are more happening. It's like a huge party!

There were singing...

and dancing representing the multi-racial and cultural side of Malaysia. It was very fun to watch.

They also held a lucky draw with 2 return flights to Malaysia!!! Whaaaaat??!! I didn't win though...a guy that was actually has been living in Malaysia until last year got the prize. Lucky him. They also gave out hampers for 3 more lucky winners.

Before we went back, we bought some light snacks form Pak Awie. Love it!

If I'm here again next year...will add another version here. haha...

Until next time....

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