Monday, 8 September 2014

Leeds-York Trip

Salam and good day readers!

Post-dissertation syndrome! hahaha...However, unlike many others, my bestie and I didn't go to various places for trips such as euro trip etc. We only managed to go to Leeds and York.

We decided to go to Leeds after raya, when we visited our friends in Sheffield, they had plenty of Tefal pots and pans. They told us they bought it at Junction 32, Leeds where it is cheap!

I have a few friends that I know who's studying in Leeds, so I called one of them to ask whether we can stay. We didn't plan to stay there for how long, on the count of we didn't by any return tickets. =P

Once we've arrived, a friend of mine, Nad picked us up at the station. She brought us around the city. There's a market next to the bus station. The market kind of reminded me of 'pasar malam' in Malaysia.

After that, she took us for lunch at Charco's. It's almost similar to Nando's.

Then we took a walk around University of Leeds. My friend needed to go to her office to settle some stuff. This is the great hall, where they held graduation ceremonies.

Beautiful right?

Parkinson Building. Don't know what it's for. I make jokes about the name too...hahaha..=P

This building is located directly opposite of the Charco's restaurant.

My friend is studying PhD in Engineering. I've always wondered how engineering lab would look like. Now I know. hehe..

This is her office. Nice right? It's a new building. They just moved here early of last year.

Flight simulator. According to my friend, it's open to all students and staff. How cool is that!

This is her office's building.

Just a building nearby. What significant about it is this pic...

!*&%&%*&!^&^!!! Crazy to be putting this statue here. What's worse is it's location is opposite of a cemetery!

There's not a lot of graves here anymore, just a bunch of dandelions.

This is a crypt. Can you see the writings on the footpath?

It writes the name of the people who's graves used to be here.

This tree is a grave too.

Of a teenage boy that died on 2001. 

If you can see, this tree is white!

This building is near the great hall. The end of our tour, we took this pic. weeee...

Multiple me.

The next day, we decided to go to York after listening to a lot of testimonies from various people in Leeds that has actually been there. They have a designer outlet in York, which was humongous.

Before we went to the outlet, we went to some sightseeing around town. A friend of ours told us to go along the city wall which was there since the Roman times. 

The wall literally enclose the city of York. 

The wall is located just opposite of the train station.

This monument was nearby too.

The wall kind of looks like the great wall of china. huhu....

The wall is 2 miles long!


The weather was super nice for a walk on the wall.

ugh...I'm too short. =P

This is what the city wall looks like in the map.


Photobombing!! hahaha

Tea break on the wall after quite a walk. fuhh~~

Don't look down!

This is where we're headed to, Clifford's Tower. It's part of the York castle. 

There's a bridge that we have to cross before reaching the tower.

It was originally built by William the Conqueror. In its time, the tower has served as a prison and a royal mint, as well as the place where Henry VIII had the bodies of his enemies put on public display.

You can read them all here. =D

There's an entrance fee of £4.30/adult. We didn't go in to go to the top because our sole purpose is to shop. huhu...we'll come here again insyaAllah..

York is such a nice town in the countryside. They don't have a lot of Muslims here as compared to London. So we definitely stood out there. hehe...

Ye Olde Fire Station

Then we took a bus to the designer outlet. There's a direct bus near the tower (No. 7).

Once we've arrived, we searched for Tefal outlet. But there wasn't any. So we just walked around.

There's a lot of designer shops here. Some people say it's very cheap, but not to us. It's still pretty expensive for us, so we just ended up browsing around.

We finally found a kitchenware shop that sells Tefal brands, but it wasn't as cheaper as the one that can be found online. So we decided to go to Junction 32 at Glasshoughton. 

We took a train to Junction 32. It's fairly cheap from Leeds that costs about £2.78 with railcard. My face looks terrible because I'm having a nasty flu at this time.

The outlet store is located very near the train station. You can see immediately as you arrive.

Some of the stores are similar as to the ones in York, like Clarks, Cotton Trader etc. But I find that the stuff here are a lot more cheaper than in York.

I managed to grab this thingy for my mum.

And some pots and pans for my future house here. hehe...

We also went to Cadbury outlet and grab these cheap chocolates, each cost £1 and £1+!!

After that we went for dinner at Pizza Express (which I will tell in a later post).

I can barely open my eyes this time. Sooo sleepy.

We stayed at Leeds until Sunday. On Saturday, a friend of mine from Birmingham invited us to go to their friend's house nearby. Her friend will be arriving later, so they (being such good friends) decided to clean up and prepare her house for her and invited the neighbors for 'bacaan Yaasiin'. 

She cooked some Tom Yam (Yummy!) and the dessert were made by a friend who's house I'm staying at.

From left, Zahirrah, Nad (my friend who's house we're staying at), Ina (my friend from Birmingham), Su (just met her here in Leeds), me. =D

After that, we just went home. Not a lot of pictures in this trip because i forgot to bring my camera. hahaha...

Until next time...

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