Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Blood Donation

Salam and good day everyone!

I had the opportunity to donate some of my blood here in London. I've had expereinece giving blood before, but never abroad.

To donate blood here, you need to first register yourself as a blood donor online. After that, they'll give you a letter that look someone like this from the NHS stating that you're a blood donor.

Then you need to book an appointment (depending on which centre is available). Our appointment was on the 14th August at white city, which was nearby my bestie's house. They accepted walk-ins as well, but only if there are not a lot of people. Sometimes, they had to turn down walk-ins because there's too many people donating!

As usual, when you came, you need to first register. They's ask you to drink a glass of water. Then they'll direct you for a checkup. If you've been abroad during last 6 months (which I was), they'll pass you to a staff nurse. There's no big deal really, but only a staff nurse can assess you to make sure there's nothing wrong. That's how careful they are.

After that, we had to wait like 2 minutes for a seat to become available. I think maybe because it has been a while, my blood didn't come out as much and as fast as it should.

They didn't manage to take a full pint of my blood. It was less like 100ml. =(
In the end, they serve you with snacks and juices. Nice!

Outside the community centre, there are apple trees and tomato trees!! They look so juicy.

A week after donating, you'll receive these in your mail, a donor card stating your details and blood type with this key chain.

Be a blood donor! It can save lives. 

Until next time...

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