Sunday, 28 September 2014

Guanabana - a taste of the Caribbean -

Salam and good day readers!

I am a foodie that loves to try on different type of food. I especially love to try food from other countries.

Today I went to a latin and Caribbean style cooking restaurant called Guanabana located at Kentish town. To go here, you can either take the Northern Line towards Camden Road and walk from there or take the C2 bus from Oxford Circus station and stop at Hawley Road.

This restaurant is also nearby another halal pan-asian restaurant called Bintang. we shall talk about that restaurant some other time. hehe...

As we came, the owner and workers greet us with Salam which was very nice. The inside does make you feel a bit like in the Caribbean because it's quite hot.

There are many ranges of delicious cuisines to choose from. 

Their specialty however, is this...

Chargrilled half-jerk baby chicken. It's kind of like peri-peri chicken, but with a Caribbean twist. Their gourmet burgers also looks delicious and big!

So, i ordered the chicken with a side of mash potato. 

This mash is also unique because they added feta cheese, which is a type of greek cheese either salted or pickled that add a little tangy taste to the creamy mash.

Numerous choices of drinks as well. the best thing is, all these Caribbean drinks like the mojito and daiquiris are non-alcoholic which means...we (muslims) can drink it! How often does that happen?

I ordered the Mango passion daquiri which was delish!

My bestie ordered Mango mojito which I think was da bomb! You can taste all the different ingredients like lime and mint together with the mango. Superb!

We went to eat here as a farewell lunch for our dear friend, Li Sia who's going back to Malaysia this October. This'll be our last meal together in London...but it won't be our last period! haha...

So the grand total is....*drumroll*
It's not that bad right? You will surely leave with a full stomach. 

We do recommend this restaurant for all you foodies out there. Give it a try. It's worth it! This'll be an addition to our food destinations. 

Until next time....

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