Monday, 1 September 2014

IIUM High Achievers @ London

Salam and good day readers!

On the 24th August, the selected students from IIUM came to London for a visit. It's just like the one that I went to Korea on 2012, a trip for SRC and high achievers students. However, this time, those who went needed to raise RM1000 as a commitment fee while I had to pay nothing. hahahaha...I just bought money for souvenirs. =P  However the money was actually returned to them in terms of food allowances that they received daily.

Anyway, the current SRC president, bro Fikri asked whether they could have a session with the student union from the local uni. I wonder why they didn't include this in their itinerary like what we had when we visited Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU).

So, I emailed the student union's president to ask whether they can spare some time to arrange a meeting. They agreed, which I think was very nice of them considering it was very last minute.

The meeting was held at the Union Building called Beit Quad. It was a short session, where they explained how the union works, some Q&A etc.

After that I took them for some lunch at the cafe. Sadly it was past lunch hour, so most of the food had already finished. They mostly just had some light nibbles. I thought of showing them around the campus, but it was getting late and I was due to finish my dissertation. So I just left them to continue on with their plans which they had already discussed earlier (to interview the locals of some issue). 

During this visit, their schedules were filled with a lot of seminars on leadership, management and sessions with multiple local organizations. I didn't have that before.

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sharina farhana said...

Untung lah kan ? :)

Sitiaminah said...

untung sangat. It's a great opportunity. Like I told you before, sape nk bg peluang g uk dgn rm1000 je? huhu...xpe sherry. you'll have your chances next time. ;-)