Thursday, 6 November 2014

Giving a talk

Salam and good day readers!

I have never imagined that I would get this opportunity during my short time back home. A senior of mine, very close to me contacted me one day asking whether I am available to give a talk about female menstruation cycle to an audience of adolescent girls.

I remembered long a go during my bachelors, someone told me, in order to improve yourself, when given a challenge, just accept and prepare yourself to face them. So I immediately agreed without question.

I've always been comfortable to speak in public since I was in the secondary school. Plus the topic given was my area of study. So normally, people would expect me not to freak out, or get nervous. But I am.

The programme is to inform young girls about being an adult called Bengkel Akil Baligh. It was held at a surau in Taman Sutera, Kajang. I was given the first session at 9am to talk about menstruation from science perspective. The organizer had prepared the slides for me, so I just added some more things that I thought was necessary. 

See the enthusiasm of these kids, jotting down what I say. I hope I do you girls justice.

I talked about many things involving the topic. I was a bit rusty, so jibberish and mispronunciation came out as well..=P 

The girls were great. They were shy, of course. But a little nudge can take you a long way. At least they entertain my questions (after much persuasions and force. hehe...)

The best thing is, the parents (mothers) are very much involved and stayed through the whole seminar. One of the mother even asked a question during my session. 

This programme was organized by Nisa' Serdang, an non-government organization (NGO). So, if there are communities (like this one) or schools that would like to invite them to organize for this seminar (which I think are important for young girls), you can contact them here. They gave a token of appreciation (two books) and I was paid handsomely too (which I refused at first, but they insisted ! huhu...). Thank you so much!

It was definitely an experience for me. Maybe leading to more talks in the future? hehehe...*wink*

Until next time...

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