Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sarawak Trip

Salam and good day readers!

The other day I went to Sibu, Sarawak with my mum. Remember that I was tailing her with her work to Ipoh 1 & 2 before, this time we went to Sarawak!!!

We took Malaysian Airlines at KLIA to Sibu.

At Sibu, we stayed at RH Hotel which located at the city center. 

The purpose of this trip is to go for school visit. The schools that my mum has to go to are schools at rural areas. After breakfast, we were off to take a boat to the school!

The boat ride was awesome. It took about an hour for us to reach the school.

When we reached the school, we have to climb up the jetty. 

This is what the school look like

The school have these pathways above ground because the river will flow until the school ground during high tide.

These students were dressed up to welcome some other group from the ministry as well.

These are the formal outfit of Iban (a native in Sarawak).

At the end of the school, there were long houses (rumah panjang), where the locals live. 

Mesmerizing isn't it?

Most of the locals are farmers. This is the only paddy field that I came across.

One of the teacher rounded up the students. These are standard 1 students. Bunch of cuties. =D

Before we depart, picture session with the teachers...=D

We took the boat again to another school nearby, SK Mupong. See the lines on the trees? Those indicating the river level during high tide. The river is lowering so we need to be fast before the river gets too low. or else, we'll be stuck out here until the level rise back because the boat will not be able to get through.

The next school was not much different from the previous one. One of the jetty broke during high tide, so we went up another one.

This school is a little bigger than the previous one. The sad thing is, the people building this school i.e putting the playground and new building, didn't actually went to see the school and to know the real condition before building anything. Because the river always comes up until the school grounds, building anything with metal is idiotic and useless because it gets corroded easily and fast. So the playground can't be use because it's unsafe, and the new dormitory for the students and teachers can only last for a few years before the water eats through the support.

Worse thing is, this beautiful building are not used because the management is so bad, the keys could not be given to the school because of some documentation issues. I just hope someone with power can come and see these type of school and give them help for crying out loud.

I found these nipah trees. There's a lot of them at this area.

And these crabs and land fish. 

and snakes!!!

My mother's friend's daughter found this weird looking flower. 

It looked like a monkey!!!

Here's another example of the long house nearby the second school.

Each of the school prepared great dishes for us.

The giant prawns are found abundantly here.

Then, photo session again...=D

Another school that we went to is a chinese school. Also a low numbered student school. 

See the difference? 

After much excitement visiting the school, we went to shop the next day...

There's actually nothing much at the Sibu heritage center, but this is the place if you're ever in Sibu and trying to find souvenirs. I went here to find something to give to my friends in London. 

Before heading back to the airport, we stopped at the so called Sibu Main Gate and took some pictures.

Bye2 Sarawak...may we meet again soon..=D

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