Thursday, 6 November 2014

Slera D' Timur

Salam and good day peeps!

For all foodie out there, another food post! Hahaha...

If you're around Putrajaya and looking for a good Thai food, come to Ayer@8 and drop by Slera D'Timur restaurant. It serves not only Thai food, it also serves east coast dishes, and western food. 

Ayer@8 is a big complex with a lot of restaurant choices. This restaurant is located beside Upin & Ipin restaurant.

I had been craving for a good Tom Yam since I've been back home. My sis suggested this place after she went with her friend.

The tom yam is super nice, great tasting and especially....smokin' HOT!!!

Other than that, I also ordered the Pandan Chicken which is super nice too. The taste is great!! You can taste the herbs, spices and pandan on the chicken.

The restaurants' specialty...Chilli Crab!!!

It's hot, spicy, sweet and the crab is soooo soft and tender. It's simply awesome! Another specialty is Megi Ketam (Crab with instant noodle). Sounds simple right? But it's delish!

This is the price range of the food. They also have some amazing choices of cakes.

If it's not too hot out or if you're dining at night, have a seat outside and enjoy a spectacular view in front of the restaurant. Nice!

Try it yourself and give your review.

Until next time....

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