Saturday, 22 November 2014

Meeting Kak Wawa

Salam and good day peeps!

This story was held off for quite a while. Kak Wawa was my lecturer during my undergrad at the garden of knowledge and virtue, IIUM. She thought me Epidemiology (not related to skin!), Biostatistics, Research methodology and she's the co-supervisor for my final year project. 

We kept in touch after I graduated and become close friends. She shared a lot of her experience doing her undergrad in the UK. If not for her furthering her studies, I would've made her my referee for masters as well. 

When I was coming back from London, she asked to buy some chocolates that she had been craving for from good 'ol Britain. So, we arranged to meet at The Curve, KL. 

She treated us at Manhattan Fish Market because the menu is suitable for this little munchkin and the venue is suited for her to play and run around. Thanks you so much for the treat!! =D

This girl took a while to warm up to us, but after that...she's so much fun to play with. I went for this little cutie's aqiqah..and now she's so big already.

Kind of reminded me of this little duckling because they are so much alike. 

After lunch, we had some coffee. What is life without coffee. hehe...We talked so much. Hours passed by without us noticing. 

When we were at The Curve, I think even now, they are having a 3D art show at the lobby. 

This is Ithar's interpretation of it.

There were so many people and because we were in a hurry, these are the only decent photos that we managed to take.

Hope we can meet again, Kak Wawa. This post is dedicated to you. *wink*

Until next time...

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Yana Ujang said...

pasni pi 3D art kt seri kembangan pulak :)