Saturday, 1 November 2014

Tjantek Art Bistro

Salam and good day peeps!!

As I mentioned before, I went food hunting with my bestie at Kuantan. You can find a lot of delicious and interesting food around Kuantan.

Another must visit place is called Tjantek Art Bistro. It's located at Jalan Besar (the road towards the Hospital/HTAA).

The food here is fairly priced. The pastas are RM15 and the steaks are between RM25-36.

I bought the aglio ham garlic pasta which is my favvy here.

The carbonara and steaks here are awesome too. The great thing about this place is the drink. This mango juice not only being served in a glass so big, it is also very very fresh!!

The reason this place is called art bistro is because of the setting. It's filled with paintings and collections of rare coke and evian bottles. It's like sitting in a cafe from the 60's.

You should really try and experience. 

Until next time....

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