Thursday, 6 November 2014

Book Promo: 5 Magic Bullets

Salam and good day readers!!

For all avid readers out there, I would like to recommend one book for you. The writer is my friend and comrade from IIUM, Dr. Sharif Ahmad. We were both student representatives while we were studying at IIUM. He took medicine, now already a successful doctor. 

The title is 5 MAGIC BULLETS

The book teaches how to excel in your studies while involving in extra curricular activities. Campus life must be more than just lectures and exams. The book shares about his real experiences as the student leader whilst maintaining his excellence in his study as a medical student, which you know a very difficult course. 

Quote from the book:

"Life is a copycat business. If you copy what a successful person do, you will achieve the same success." 

Happy reading!

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