Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ipoh Getaway -Day 1-

Salam and good day y'all!!

This whole week I'll be tagging along my mum and her work at Ipoh, Perak!

My mum is an officer at the Ministry of Education and at the sector she's working in, required her to travel a lot. So while I'm around and doing nothing, I can follow her anywhere...weeehuuuu...

We departed in the morning and had breakfast at an old cafe near the lake at Taman Seri Serdang (my old hometown). I used to come here all the time when I was younger. So many memories...

We just had a simple roti telur and Neslo Ais

We came here quite late, so there weren't a lot of people. Usually this place will be packed at night because all of the stalls will be opened.

After that, we get a move on to my mother's hometown which is at Parit, Perak. *not Parit Buntar k. That's a whole different place*

She had an appointment to meet her contractor friend and to look at the old house.

Before we reach there, we stopped at a 'warung' or food stall to have some lunch. She went here before with my aunt, so she knows that it's good!

I just had a simple dish of nasi campur which consists of fish (a type of river fish), kangkung and salted egg. It was delish!

I've been longing to order this air bungkus for some time because of course you can't find these in London. During summer, when I was parched, this types of drinks always crosses my mind.

After that, it only takes 15 minutes to get to my mom's hometown. 

This is the house that we used to go to for Eid celebrations when my late grandma was still alive. Even when my grandma was living with my uncle, we would still come and visit once in a while. Nowadays, we would just come when we are unintentionally going to Perak. 

This is how the inside looks like. This is the lower ground. The house is being rented (but only the lower ground). The upper floor is unoccupied. See the pole? My sister, cousins and myself included loved to climb up that pole. My sis will usually win when she climbed until she hangs by the wood ceiling. She's a monkey at heart after all...hehe...*jgn mare ye yana*

Such wonderful view. I missed waking up in the morning, or anytime for that matter and see this scenery.

The current tenant have birds and cats. It makes the house looks more kampung like. Love it!

How I miss being in a village.

After my mum's arrangements with the tenants and contractor, we went to visit one of the oldest living/close relative nearby. They live at Taman Parit Setia. 

My grand-uncle and grand-aunts, whom I called as Tok Chik (for both of them...I also don't know how to differentiate the name..=P)

Tok Chik's house is located in front of a pond and an orchard, which belongs to them.

These are actually birds called Burung Belibis. They look like ducks right? But they're not!! These birds actually can only be found at paddy fields.

When we were there, it suddenly rained very heavily. But after a while, it stopped. When the rain stopped, these birds came flying in flocks to bath at the pond. My Tok Chik (grand-aunt) said that my Tok Chik (grand-uncle) used to shot the birds, and eat them. It was told to be very yummy. But nowadays, she told him to let them be. So now they just come freely many times on any day.

When we want to go back, he wanted to give us some ulam that he grew himself. There's *what's it's name i don't remember thingy on the left*...and most important on the right..chilli!!! In malay it's called cili burung. Very spicy!!

See the enthusiasm in him plucking around to entertain us townies. 

There were also these various wild flowers in front of his house (was it wild or did he plant them? not sure). It smelled sooooo good. He gave us a few, I put them in the car overnight and it just smelled like potpourri. Marvellous! My Tok Chik told us that sometimes people are afraid to walk in front of his house at night because they will smell something very nice due to the flowers. But those who didn't know about the existence of these flowers will have some superstitious thoughts flowing through their mind....muahahahaha!!! *evil laugh*

My Tok Chiks and mummy. 

After the fun..we went to the hotel that we are staying in Ipoh called Syeun Hotel.

The hotel is located jst 2 minutes walk from Ipoh Parade and just beside the city hall (Dewan Bandaraya).

The hotel was very nice. The ministry booked a deluxe room for the staff. Coolio!

They even have this map highlighting all the places to eat nearby. Malaysia is famous for their food!

We were already starving when we arrived at the hotel. So my mum thought of looking around the Ipoh parade.

Well, it's a mall. What else is there to talk about. There is however this one particular store called the Born & Bread which is a bakery. Go to the link for more stories.

So because we weren't interested with anything in the mall, my mum called her sis to ask because she used to study here. My aunt suggested this place...called Satay Endut (which she said as satay gendut..=P)

This place is located at the children playground, not far from the hotel, around 5 minutes drive (if you didn't get lost).

My mum said this place used to be packed. Maybe nowadays people don't eat here anymore. It became secluded. Quite scary actually to come and eat here at night.

 don't want anyone mentioning the alike-ness of us. =P

I just ordered the Chicken Fried rice which was ok.

The satay was nice together with the kuah kacang. But it was pre-heated. So, the meat became quite chewy and dry. 

Tomorrow I will follow my mum for her school visit. Will talk about that in other post.

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