Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Big Bad Wolf 2014!!!!!

Salam and good day peeps!

Today I went to the biggest and baddest book sale ever! THE BIG BAD WOLF!!!

It was the spur of the moment decision that my friends and I made the day before. I wanted to some reading materials to bring with me to London.

There are soooo many books to choose. From the first few piles I already managed to snatch more than 3 books. The ranges of the price are mostly RM6 and 8. 

Even hard covered book are only RM10 or 12!!!

We filled the trolley... muahahaha!!!

The cliche'd pic post BBW. The left are all for my cousins and the right are mine!!! hehu~~ and of course at the back for the little cuties (my niece and my cousins daughters).

I got this bookmark for free...haha...nothing much. 

Afterwards we went for late lunch at the riverside. 

They have swans there!!! 

I love buying books eventhough sometimes I have no time to finish them all. The satisfaction of having those books are plentiful enough. haha... 

For avid readers out there, come here if you have the chance. Definitely worth it!

Until next time....

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