Sunday, 14 December 2014

Wedding lutfi

Salam and good day everyone!!

Last Saturday was the wedding of the year for my mother's side of the family...My cousin who is also my Abang susu got married to the lady of his choosing. Congrats Bro!! Barakallah lakuma wabaraka 'alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khayr..

We are all very happy for you!!

This is the decor of the stage. Very pretty right? Elegant.

The ceremony was supposed to start around 9am. This is everyone waiting. huhu...I don't know why my mum is the only one that's smiling. 

The event starts with the 'aqad or nikah ceremony (the wedding). probably the most nervous part for both bride and groom, and sometimes the mothers too. haha...This is when the two love birds are joint in matrimony. 

A malay wedding, it is a custom to have gifts from both sides.

The mahar (gift most often in the form of money for the bride or also known as dowry).

Other gifts from groom (left) and bride (right)

I just adore the decor. Simple and sweet.

The family waits patiently during the 'aqad.

After they were successfully announced as husband and wife, it's picture time!!! =D

I love this pic. The top are my cousins family. The bottom is mine of course.

The kids were having a blast too at the wedding. Zafirah had been wanting to go and see the pengantin since the day before. That's her cousin, Aisya or better known as Princess Elsa. heh~~

Some of the 'entertainment' of some sort during the ceremony are the marhaban group from Melaka and cak lempong (a malay traditional musical instrument/group). The marhaban group were awesome!! They brought along this little cutie.

I think he's not that much older than Zafirah. He is super cute. He's so good to be sitting still and bang on his kompang. huhu...

This is a picture taken by Zafirah, FYI. The cake is very simple right? There's actually a story behind it.

The procession of the newlyweds together with the little dancers. These dancers also gave 2 performances for the King and Queen of the day. 

It was such a beautiful ceremony. A lot of our family members and friends of the family came. The lady in the pic is K.yong's (sister of the groom) best friend at INCEIF. She's from Pakistan. Actually, my bestie and her family came as well. We just didn't get a chance to snap some pics.

Disclaimer: The shawl I'm wearing is from Labooh Official. Anyone want to make an order can click here. =D

My big BIG family..this is just my mum and uncle's side of the family. If it's with my dad's side, we don't even need to invite anyone else. The hall will be full just with them. huhu..

All in all, it was a marvelous wedding. Congratulations again for Lutfi n K. Aqma. May both of you be happy together 'till jannah. 

There's actually a whole other story behind this incident. I'll tell you about it later here.

Until next time...

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