Tuesday, 16 December 2014

MSc Cert Arrived!

Salam and good day peeps!!

Despite all the drama that's been going on, I received a wonderful surprise. 

DHL came to my house to deliver what seemed to be just a piece of paper, but valuable to the beholder.

My MSc certificate have arrived!!! Alhamdulillah...praise be to Allah. I can't tell how grateful I am to HIM. All the hardships and struggle faced to accomplish this. I am forever grateful.

This accomplishement is for my mother, father, sister, other family members, friends that had always prayed for my success. And to the people that helped me a lot during my MSc course, Dr. Mark and Dr. Dafni. Without whom, I wouldn't be able to achieve this. Last but not least, my comrade in arms, Zahirrah Begum. She was my classmate/roommate during BSc, then classmate in MSc, later on labmate/housemate during PhD. We both have been through a lot. It just made us closer. Let us be successful for the sake of the ummah. 

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