Sunday, 21 December 2014

Comrades Gatherings

Salam and good day readers!!

Most important things in life is your family. Then your friends. Without them, life would be empty. While I am in Malaysia, I took the time to reconnect with my old geng starting from school to my previous uni.

This post is dedicated to all that I've gotten the chance to meet while I'm back.

From left: Sri, me, Syairah and Dayah. Two of them are already working and Sri is doing her masters at UPM.

I also met with my uni lecturers, Madam Nurul Wahida

With Dr. Deny

Dr. Deny was the course coordinator during my final year in IIUM. She taught most of the subjects in my concentration (Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research). She also gave a heck of a reference when I was applying for a place to study for my masters in UK.

With Dr. Linda

With Prof Ridhwan

From right: K. Siti, K. Humm & 'lil Sarah, Afiqah n K.Aida

My juniors from IIUM

Farah & Hanisuhana

Afiqah & Wani

From right: Mardhiyyah, Naimah & Fatimah with their babies 

The Staff from IIUM, Bro. Zul.

Pak Cik Cafe Lot 4, Pak Cik Fadzli

With Li Sia, a friend from Imperial College. She finished her MSc same as we did.

My junior from school, Qayyum

My good friends from SBPI Selandar, Fatma & Dayah

IIUM Friends

With Huda, my classmate in IIUM

With Izat 

With Yumni

From right: Nazir, Azam, Fatimah n baby Alya, me, bestie, Solehah n baby Syauqi

With Ustazah Erlind n Ustaz Jamsari (my arabic teacher from SBPIS)

From right: Pikah, me, Ain n Nad

Sending off K.Syeril to Riyadh together with my seniors and junior from IIUM

I only managed to go to one wedding while I'm home, eventhough there are actually many, almost every weekend filed with weddings of my friends

At Hans' wedding with K.Siti, K.Aida, Hans n hubby (sorry I don't remember ur name), me, Pikah, Rokiah and Huda. 

I apologize to those that I couldn't go to ur weddings. There's too many to mention. Just know that my prayers are with you. Barakallahufikum. 

There are also some people that I've met but didn't get a chance to take pictures with. 

Hope to meet you all again in the future. Love ya! 

until next time...

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