Sunday, 7 December 2014

Chemistry Lab + Cafe

Salam and good day peeps!!

After one of my chiropractor sessions, I got the chance to go to The Chemistry Lab + Cafe at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. I found out about this place through Kak Wawa. She has been here like a thousand times already. huhu..

The place is very unique. In front you can see chemical barrels set up as tables (if you dare to eat on top of it..=P)

You need to order and pay first at the counter.

Their specialty are the drinks. They have massive choices for drinks but limited choices for food. 

I ordered the beef bolognaise (because I'm on a seafood diet. *sigh*). The taste was quite nice. My mum ordered the aglio olio, but she said it wasn't that good. The portion is small.

Another special dish here are the waffles. They have variety of waffles to choose from. All waffles comes with ice cream accept for peanut butter and classic waffles.

According to reviews, the place's best seller is the bomb chiller (on the right). I ordered chemical reaction (which basically is fruit smoothies). The drinks are super nice and the portion is large enough to make you bloated. 

The food however are quite pricey. They also sell cakes and pastries (all are pricey as well). One slice of cake (much smaller than secret recipe) is RM11 plus. 

This place is a great experience to dine in. The decor as you can see in the picture they put lab tables, test tubes etc., so it is an interesting place for a cafe. But definitely not going to be a regular go to place for me. The food also is not so special. But if you have a big budget, why not come here for a change? 

Until next time...