Monday, 1 December 2014

Back Pain..Ouch!

Salam and good day peeps!

I have been feeling pain on my lower back for quite some time now. So when I went back, I was determined to go for a visit to a chiropractor to make sure everything was in ship shape before I went back to London. 

My dad took me to a chiropractor at Bangsar Village II called Orient Osteocare.

The chiropractor twisted and set my bones straight. first it was super painful. Afterwards it felt kind of good. The session only took a few minutes. They gave me some medication (my dad said they were just calcium and glucose) and I have to restrain from eating some food as well.

After the painful yet exciting experience, my dad took me for lunch at Citrus cafe nearby. I ordered the mediterranean cooler and lamb chop spaghetti. The lamb chop was super nice and tender, but I don't really like the spaghetti. I forgot that I can't drink ice as well. It's a good thing they're still able to took the ice out.

I have to come back for a follow up on Thursday. huhu...

Until next time...


Boon said...

salam..akak sakit ape ea? rase mcm nk try pegi ni far now dah better or not? thx u..

Siti Aminah Muhammad Imran said...

Sakit kt lower back. so far alhamdulillah ok. tp kena jaga gak la. kalau strain sangat dia sakit balik. try la. masa session tu mmg sakit gak la dia buat. tp lepas tu rasa lega