Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Born & Bread

Salam and good day readers!!

I was following my mum to Ipoh for her work this whole week. The hotel we were staying at was very near Ipoh Parade. There's not much to say about the mall, but there's one particular shop there called Born & Bread which is worth mentioning.

It's located at the top floor, just beside the food court. The first look of the shop makes you want to go in and browse.

The model is my mama...huhu

See the arrangements of the shop. So nice. I love it!

I bought a fruit pastry and a chocolate donut (which is veeeerrryyy soft) while my mum bought normal sugar donut (boring meh...)

Not forgetting this cute thingy...

How cute is this?? The packaging alone makes you want to try and buy. It's egg pudding...see how it looks like

Cute right?? How can you resist??!! The pudding is put in egg shells. It's creamy, so best eat when you have an empty stomach or when you're not that full.

The price for what we bought. Ok la...kan?

Would recommend this for Ipoh people. Nice! I'll come here again for sure while I'm staying. I have a week to try everything!! hahaha...

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Yana Ujang said...

oi tapau egg puding tu!! tempting sungguh! grrr

Sitiaminah said...

haha...bereh2. jangan dia mencair otw sudah