Thursday, 9 October 2014

Instant Snow

Salam and good day readers!

As I went back from London, there were a few things that I brought back as souvenirs for my friends and family. Some are the normal stuff like t-shirts and fridge magnets. Some are more interesting than others.

One of which is the instant snow that I bought for my 'lil niece. I found this at Hamleys, London and just immediately fell in love with it.

It's cheap and simple to play with. It's also non-toxic so it'll be safe for children to play with. The snow comes in little baggies like this. It's also comes with a cup and a spoon.

To make it snow, just put one spoonful of powder from the bag into the cup. Then fill up the cup the whole way. Just in a few seconds, the powder will turn into snow!!!!

The official model for the instant snow. niece was so happy that I made it snow. She wants to imagine being Elsa from Disney Frozen. 

She kept throwing the snow on top of her head and on her body. The good thing about the snow is that when it dries, it'll turn back into the white powder and can be reused over and over again. 

So, when the little ones make this kind of mess, you can just sweep it away, and put them back in the baggy or a separate bag. 

She wants her atok to join in the fun...hahaha...but atok wants to sleep instead. 

Until next time...

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