Monday, 6 October 2014

I'm coming home

Salam and good day readers!

Alhamdulillah, I have finished my masters at Imperial College London for 1 whole year. For all that didn't know, I did an MSc in reproductive and developmental biology. The course was consist of 6 months of lectures, assignments, exams and another 6 months of lab research.

My graduation will be on 6th of May at the Royal Albert Hall. So, until then, I went back home. My bestie and I decided to go back on Friday so that we may arrive in time for the Eiduladha celebration.

A friend of ours sent us to the airport at 5.30am London time. They said that you need to be very early because we wanted to claim VAT (Tax) at the airport and it usually will be a very long queue. However, when we arrived, it was like this....  

There was only 3 people there and no one was in queue. Because we only have one claim and we wanted the claim to be deposited into our debit card, the process was very simple and quick. 

I took the time to perform Subuh prayer here while waiting. 

Afterwards, because there were still so many time to wait, we went to have some coffee after wrapping our bags at a nearby store. It costs £10 per item (very expensive!!). But the wrapping is very thick and secure, so cant't really complain much, They even provide stickers for you to put on your wrapped bags. 

There were still an hour and a half left before the counter is opened for check-in.

You can tell from our faces that we didn't get much sleep. So sleepy at this moment and my bestie was having a terrible flu, while I'm catching some of it. 

When the counter was opened around 9am, we pushed our bags to the online check-in. Checking in online save a lot more time and hassle when flying. We're flying with Malaysian Airlines (MAS) which was bought by our sponsor, MARA.

Remember all those talks before that MAS was loosing customers. Bollocks! There's no such thing. There were so many people here and the flight was practically full.

Our flight leaves at 12 noon and the gate will be opened at 11 am. 

During the immigration checks, Alhamdulillah, there were no bumps and hassle. Smooth as silk.  

Bismillah....May Allah ease our journey.

This is not our flight. This is just some other plane when we arrived, Alhamdulillah, safely. Eventhough there was a little bit of delay at Heathrow when taking off (there were too many flights).

We had to take the shuttle train to go to the baggage claim carousel. 

The bags was delayed for quite a while because there were problems with the belt loading the bags from the plane. There were even problems with the belt carrying overweight items because my bestie brought some big boxes with her. So we had to wait a while. 

My family was waiting for me at the arrival gate. That was so sweeeeeettt!!!

I am so happy and grateful to be back. All praise to Allah for his blessings and mercy. More stories from Malaysia...huhu...

Until next time...

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