Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pizza Express

Salam and good day y'all!

The other day when I went to Junction 32, Leeds, I had the opportunity to have dinner at Pizza Express. I have always wanted to dine here just as soon as I find out that they served full Halal menu. There was a big fuss when the public found out and a lot of people that didn't understand about halal meat was against the restaurant serving them without the public's knowledge. 

This video shows how Russle Brand explains about Halal meat in a funny way. 
"Of course it needs to be a live before you kill it. That's the nature of life"

Sometimes, people just make a fuss over nothing at all, just for the sake of hurting others. So let me explain in a simple way. Halal meat is just the way that the animal is being slaughtered in such manner where the animal must be cut on their jugular vein where medically the animal will die fastest and feeling less to no pain. Many slaughtering houses nowadays will stunned the animal before being slaughtered to make it easier for the process. However, the animal must be alive before being slaughtered. The animal also must be clean from any nature or chemical filth. 

Back to the Pizza Express story. Eventhough they didn't disclose their halal serving dishes, after the breakout of it in the news, a lot of muslims started going to these shops. My friends and I weren't really hungry at that time, so we just ordered the special Francesco Mazzei Calabrese for £12.45.

My bestie and i ordered some cold milk 

This is what the dish looks like. It looks very simple right? It's vegetarian, topped with tomatoes, spinach and some other herbs. It was very nice.

There are a lot more choices of pizzas and pastas. Maybe you can try it sometime. 

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