Thursday, 9 October 2014

Alone at night

Salam and good day y'all..

I just want to share something that happened to me during my masters project. It was coming to the end of the project and I was pressing for time. I needed to finish everything soon to make time for my write up.

The procedure took longer than anticipated and I had to stay back in the lab.

It was during summer, so I didn't notice that it was already 8pm because the sun was still out. In my mind I kept thinking of the office whether there will still be someone there. I got worried that I might've been locked out eventhough I've put my stuff on the table. 

When I've finally finished everything in the lab and went back to the office, my fear was right. I've been locked out!!!

I was so worried. The door has a sequence to open it. The code is in my phone, which I left along with my other stuff in the office. I tried searching for someone else that can help, luckily one of the supervisors was still there. And luckily enough, she remembered the codes to open the door. 

The first time we tried, we couldn't open the door, so I had to go downstairs and ask someone else for help. It turns out, we just turned the knob the wrong way. Haish!

Paola was so nice to helped me and stayed until we get the door opened. It was so lucky that she was still there. She was just about to leave when I asked her for help. Surely I'll be careful next time. Like having my phone with me at all times. After i managed to get my phone, there were more than 20 missed calls. It turned out, my bestie called everyone that she knows because she was worried that i haven't been back when it's already late. 

Well, what can you do. I am a lab rat after all. Lab life is my life. I love being there.  

Until next time....

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