Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kuantan Trip

Salam and good day readers!

Last week, I went to Kuantan with two purpose which are to take pictures in the convo robes with important people and food hunting.

I studied at IIUM Kuantan Campus for 4 years for my bachelors degree in biomedical science. A lot of memories here.

I get to meet my lecturers, Dr. Deny that helped me a lot during my final year and gave me a heck of reference for my masters. Prof Ridzwan Hashim that taught physiology during the first years of my bachelor, and Dr. Linda. He is still as funny as before. I met my old comrade in arms, Solehah, Naimah, Fatimah (all already have babies), Mardhiah, Afiqah, Hazwani (my juniors), Farah Hazwani, Hanisuhana, Najat (my anak usrah), uncle from lot. 4 cafe, Bro. Zul and K. Mai (staff). I will always cherish these people because they filled colours to my life.

As for taking can tell for yourself through these...hehe

This was my faculty.

Reminiscing the lecture theater. There was a time it was so difficult for me to come here. it's hard to stay away.  

The mortar throwing sessions. wooop! (main auditorium, main stairs, dorm, mosque)

There were also many changes that weren't there before. 

The new accommodation. It's soooooo beautiful. I remember when I was in the student council, we fought for this for so many years. I hope the juniors have a better campus experience with the existence of this new building.

2nd is this thing. The soon to be university hospital. The building is starting to take shape, it'll finish soon. Expected to be in full operation by 2016. 

My second purpose going to Kuantan is to food hunt. There are 4 places that I wanted to go to the most which are...

Jungle food court to find the honey chicken and takoyaki...nyum3!!!

Seafood....because seafood in London is so expensive!

Tjantek art bistro

I'm really going to miss this place. 

There are still so many things that I feel I want to share, but it will fill up this post with a lot of things. 

Until next time...

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