Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bye2 Griffon

Salam and good day readers!!

While I was in London, I stayed at a private studio house that accommodate for postgrad students from London top universities called Gradpad. Gradpad have 3 accommodations in three different locations which are Wood Lane Studios located at White City, Orient House located at Imperial Road and Griffon Studios which located at Clapham Junction.

I stayed at griffon Studios. My mother was the one that chose this place. The studio is located just in front of Clapham Junction train station. My mum chose this because you can take a direct train from Gatwick Airport to Clapham Junction. It is also just one bus to Imperial College London, South Kensington campus.

However, my campus is actually located at Hammersmith Hospital which is further. hahaha...but the commute thought me a lot about London transport which is cool also.

The studio is conveniently located in front of NHS.

My last day here, I felt very sad to leave. This place has it's own good and bad side. The best thing about it is comfort, security and facility. It's very hard to find such quality place that's value for money. The bad side of it is that it's expensive!! Mine is cheaper than my bestie that stayed at Wood Lane studio, but still...

My stay here had been awesome!!

To check out, all we had to do is clean up everything and make sure there's no trash left behind. If there is any trash left, we will be charged £40 which will be deducted from our deposit. Tenants also are encouraged to give away their used stuff that they wouldn't want to take with them where they can leave it at the refuse room. 

They will do an inspection after you've checked out to make sure there are no damage caused by the tenants. There were some issues with my kitchen wall that I couldn't clean it up due to the oil spatter while cooking. 

I was considered lucky that they only deducted £10.80 from my deposit. 

My bestie got charged £60 for her room. Wood Lane studios managed things differently. They will do the checkup when you check-out and they will immediately tell you how much they will deduct. The weird thing is, limescale on the shower door (which is super difficult to clean) will be considered as a deduction and default £30!!!! That's crazy expensive and so unreasonable. The tenants are all students for crying out loud. It's not like they are all rich. I'm so grateful Griffon Studios management is not that cold-hearted. 

I'm gonna miss this place. Just hope I got a good house next time too. 

Until next time...

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