Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bonda Cafe

Salam and good day peeps!

I am on a roll updating about places to eat. It is all to share with other foodies out there and help them finding great food here in London.

There are many Malaysian restaurant to choose here in London.

One of the best and cheap old school cooking type other than Malaysia Hall cafe is this place called Bonda. Bonda is located at Sussex garden, Paddington. Just a few short walk from the tube station.

It's a basement type cafe, so it's easily missed. Use google maps or any other gps that can help if you're lost.

The food was quite nice. 

There were quite a lot of people here too. Maybe it was because we came during lunch hour. There was this local white guy eating with his Malay friend. The friend kept requesting traditional Malay songs and the worker kept explaining that they can only turn on the radio. haha...

The food was fairly cheap. Two types of dish and rice is £5. Same as those sold at the Malaysian hall cafe.

You can try to find this sign for the restaurant. 

Until next time...

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